Guess Who Look-a-like's

I've set out on a quest to find the real-life Guess Who look-a-likes from across the world!

I had the idea during the Coronavirus lockdown, whilst feeling nosalgic after buying a classic 93 version of the game from eBay to play with my kids.

Why you may ask?! 


For fun. Out of curiosity (They must be out there?!). And to see how far the power of connection and challenge goes in these times.


Oh, and did I say for fun? Yes, more fun.

But I need your help...


1) Do you, or anyone you know look like one of the characters?

Email me a photo with their contact to

2) SHARE 'Do you know a Guess Who Look-a-like?! with everyone you know...lets see how far we can take this!


SEE WHO'S BEEN FOUND - 0/24 (Help Needed!) / HOVER TO REVEAL (Desktop Only)