• Richard Morris

The question 99% of Real Estate Agents get wrong (and its simpler than you think!)

You’ve won the listing, launched the property, conducted viewings and landed a super-keen potential buyer who views for the second time. They love the home, the location is perfect and they can proceed as their own property is sold.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! If all goes well, you can tell your vendor you have someone to buy their property.

But how do you actually secure this sale? Or, what I'd like you to focus-in on is, how do I deliver the best result to my vendor?’

The question I suspect is 99% of agents ask a prospective purchaser is;

‘Would you like to make an offer?’

An offer?! But shouldn’t we as Champion Real Estate Agents, be championing our clients homes?

As Starbucks do when they advertise a creamy cappuccino for £3.30. Apple when launching their latest iphone for goodness knows what or even a simple loaf of bread at the supermarket.

You don’t make them an offer do you! You pay the price.

So what’s different when asking someone to buy what you’re selling?

Asking them to buy, not to offer, demonstrates confidence.

The question to ask therefore is;

‘So would you like to buy the home?’

And simply shutting up after asking this question is not what they expect either. I find they’ll often fill the silence and reveal what they really think. Or at the very least it produces a smile which in turn helps to bring them closer to you.

Try adding ‘Is the location is good for you? And you’re impressed with the accommodation? So would you like to buy the home?’ and see what you get back.

Going one step further, and this is a game-changer, explain to a prospective vendor your mindset around ‘asking to offer vs asking to buy’ at your next listing presentation to demonstrate confidence in their home, your belief in their price and your unique approach.

Let me know how you get on!

Richard :-)


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