• Richard Morris

Person or Machine?

The look of discomfort was obvious.

I felt the uneasiness.

Flustered faces whilst politely being cajoled away from the queue.

I witnessed this walking into the bank. The assistant intercepting customers and diverting them away from counter staff to use one of the high tech machines.

Customers’ needing to deposit cheques or cash, or make changes to their financial affairs had two ways; person behind the counter or machine.

Same outcome, different experience.

What I witnessed was people choosing people.

Those having chosen the counter staff approach, were leaving with a smile on their face.

A friendly conversation.

Specialist advice.

Specific questions answered.

So next time a potential vendor speaks of the on-line, cut price estate agent approach, ask how they feel when this happens to them in the bank.

Or their thoughts when at the supermarket, they see another row of people operated kiosks wiped out only to be replaced 20 self-serve counters?! (Self serve counters; you get frustrated, right?!)

Same outcome, different experience.

Now and then Audit yourself.

Now and then review your touch-points.

Always make the experience world class.

When can you make a start?

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