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My latest read and what I learned - 'Anything You Want' Derek Sivers

How do you retain the things you learn?

Do you remember everything you consume?

I don't, but a lot of what I read or listen to changes my thinking and sometimes my direction and decision making.

I once listened to Tony Robbins say; 'In order to live a prime life, you have to prime daily.' For me this involves working on myself and consuming only positive media from reading and listening to podcasts and audio.

I’ve started to make notes from each book I read, which is mainly in the self development, peak performance or real estate arena.

Nothing fancy like an app or recognition software, that's far too high tech for me! Just a simple highlighter pen to mark key parts which resonate.

I was always taught as a child not to draw in books, but I see this practice as study so I reckon it's OK.

I aim for 1% personal improvement daily.

Here are my notes from ‘Anything You Want’ written by Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, the company he sold for 22 Million Dollars after just 8 years.

I enjoyed this read as Derek’s story telling and ethos to business is ‘left of field’. He built and his company on his terms which I admire and he made his own rules which I like.

Book notes:

  • Business is not about money. It's about making dreams come true for others and yourself.

  • The real point of doing anything is to be happy, so do only what makes you happy.

  • A business plan should never take more than a few hours work - hopefully no more than a few minutes. The best plans start simple. A quick glance and common sense should tell you if the numbers will work.

  • If you're not saying 'Hell yeah!' about something, say no.

  • To me, ideas are with nothing unless they are executed.

  • As your business grows, don't let the leeches sucker you into all the stuff they pretend you need. They'll play on your fears, saying you'll need this stuff to protect yourself against the law-suits. They'll scare you with horrible worst case scenarios. But those are just sales tactics. You don't need any of it.

  • Never forget why you're really doing what you're doing. Are you helping people? Are they happy? Are you profitable? Isn't that enough?

  • The Tao of business: Care about your customers more than about yourself and you'll do well.

  • When you make a business, you're making a little world where you control the laws. It doesn't matter how things are done everywhere else. In your world, you can make it like it should be.

  • When you're thinking of how to make your business bigger, it's tempting to try to think all the big thoughts and come up with massive action plans. But please know that it's often the tiny details that really thrill people enough to make them tell their friends about you.

  • The whole point of doing anything is because it makes you happy. That's it!

  • There's a big difference between being self employed and being a business owner. Being self employed feels like freedom until you realise that if you take time off, your business crumbles. To be a true business owner, make it so that you could leave for a year, and when you came back, your business would be doing better than when you left.

  • You can't live someone else's expectation of a traditional business. You have to do whatever you love the most, or you'll lose interest in the whole thing.

You can buy 'Anything You Want' by Derek Sivers here >>>

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