• Richard Morris

Stuff Friday

“Congratulations it’s Friday, You made it!

“The weekend is nearly here!”

“It’s Fri-yay!”

I’m sorry, but stuff Friday! Scrolling through my social feed at the end of the week and seeing these types of posts annoys me. Whatever happened to celebrating the rest of the week?! In fact it zaps so much energy I now stay away on the day so called happiness, magically arrives!

“Happy Friday.” Happy Friday?! What about happy Monday? I love a Monday. I find Monday’s are the day to start again with some gusto. To correct last weeks mistakes, to reset the to do/goal/success list. And as for Tuesday and Wednesday, well I’ve usually done a week’s work by the time folk have dragged themselves to the half way point with ‘only two days to go!’

You set goals right? Well if Friday or the weekend is your biggest goal of the week, then please let me suggest you question your purpose. All this Friday celebration is actually negative energy in disguise. And it’s being pumped out by high achievers and estate agents without them even knowing it. I see it all over their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts, the accounts that many clients see too. Sure, some of it is probably meant in jest, but think it through;

Would you instruct someone to sell your biggest asset if their mindset was geared around reaching the weekend? And subconsciously this level of thinking will be effecting your performance for the rest of the week too.

So for a moment consider this;

What if happiness is already here, but we’re just looking in the wrong place? What if Monday felt as fantastic as your current Friday? Or by the ‘halfway point’ on a Wednesday you felt it’d all happened too quickly and you could have some days back?!

Well you can. You can choose this thinking.

I have a really simple technique I’d like you to try and I guarantee it will help propel your mindset, your performance and your success.

I want you to stop going to work! Yes thats right, stop going to work. I don’t mean physically, I mean mentally. Instead of ‘going to work’ I want you to just ‘Start the day.’ Extend your days by re-wiring your thinking of what a day actually is. Imagine waking up, thankful you have, and looking forward to say a meal out with your partner that evening. Now a bad day ‘at work’ may dampen your mood so much, that you can’t be bothered to make the effort by the time you get home. These little mood-hooving episodes then spiral, day in day out and you fall into the Friday trap.

‘Starting the day’ however shifts the thinking. So now, whatever happens during your waking hours, happens. A few bad hours in the middle of your day, so what! You still have your evening out to look forward to. You see, resilience is so so important in estate agency and a common trait amongst high achievers.

This simple mindset shift will change how you view your day and your week too. Imagine feeling as good as you currently do on a Friday, everyday of the week. Incredible!

So stop the drip feed of negativity and the celebration of the end of the week, because before you know it you’ll be at the end of your life wishing you’d enjoyed Monday to Thursday too. Instead, rather than defining a good day by the hours ‘at work’, why not define a good day by exactly that, an entire day.

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