• Richard Morris

Dare you risk it?

Dare you risk taking your wife, husband or partner to McDonalds for your wedding anniversary?

Serious question!

I’m guessing it’s an out and out no.

Just too big an occasion to place in the hands of McDonalds right?! Nothing wrong with a burger now and then, but not for your anniversary! Such an important occasion especially as it happens just once a year.

And you’d agree that selling and moving home is also a very important occasion, yes?

It’s probably one of the biggest, most important decisions you’ll make and this happens only once every 5–7 years on average.

A huge occasion then?

Just like your wedding anniversary!

Imaging having this same conversation with a potential vendor, who just told you they were also considering a cut price estate agent;

“Why then (Mr Vendor) are you considering risking your biggest, most expensive asset, your precious home, in the hands of estate agents’ cut price equivalent to McDonalds?!”

It’s a simple conversation. Brave, yet simple and one which most will receive with a smile and some understanding.

Words are powerful.

Tone is important.

Dare they risk their life changing moment?

Dare you risk not having this conversation?

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