• Richard Morris

Success leaves clues

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated in the backstory. High achievement in any field is admirable and celebrating success is part of the journey. For me though it’s all about the climb. The hustle. The anticipation.The backstory.

“The chase is better than the kill.”

As a child I had an interest in magic. I remember visiting American Adventure theme park as a kid, closed now but like Alton Towers on American super fuel. I watched the Wild West magic show back to back. I think there were 10am, 12pm and 3pm performances. I was front row for them all and stayed behind afterwards to quiz, sorry, speak to the magician. You see, as much as I was keen on magic, I was more interested in the magician.

The backstory.

How long had he been a real magician? How did he get a job at the theme park? How much did he earn?! What books did he read? Who had he studied to get to where he was? How had he become so successful? Being a real Wild West magician to me was big time!

Gosh I must have been a really annoying kid! But all really important questions I needed answering.

“You’re judged more by the questions you ask than the answers you give.”

Soon after I started collecting autographs. I remember leaning over the terrace at the football to collect them from players warming up. I repeated this over and over again. The same players, the same autographs, desperate for a glimpse of how they prepared, how they succeed. Another time; Loughborough University, British Atheletics. I watched with eyes wide open, world record holder and Olympic Champion Steve Backley throw javelin. I got his autograph 8 times, 8 times! Each time I’d ask another quick question; ‘How long do you warm up for? How do you throw so far? How can I be a javelin thrower Steve?!’

I now realise this as an early version of me being a life learner.

A success junkie! At the time I wasn’t conscious of it, but I must have known that success leaves clues.

“The golden bullet that leads to success, is success itself. Study the backstory.”

My achievements to date I’d put down to many things; a strong work ethic, my family, visualisation, cheekiness, gift of the gab, confidence, a strong desire to make a difference. I strive for better for all those reasons, but it’s my quest for the backstory that keeps me rolling.

My thirst for knowledge is like an itch that can never be satisfied. Studying the behaviours, habits, routines and traits of successful people comes naturally. I can’t help myself.

And the best bit? Sharing with others. Because when you share you get better. You interact, you question, you challenge, you connect, you learn.

I’ve no doubt this healthy addiction has helped me to become a better estate agent, a better mentor, a better leader, a better entrepreneur. A better person.

“The best work you will ever do, is working on you.”

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