• Richard Morris

Maximum Bloom

If you plant flowers in cut price, own brand compost, you’re likely to get 10 flowers back in return.

If you plant flowers in premium grade ‘Miracle Grow’, full of goodness and nutrients, you’re more than guaranteed to receive 20, 30, 40 flowers plus in return.

Maximum Bloom.

Own brand compost: £4 = 10 flowers. ‘Miracle Grow’ compost: £8 = 40+ flowers.

You get out, what you put in. This is the same when attempting to maximise the sale price for a home.

Invest in quality people, rich in knowledge and experience and they will produce the very best result.

Maximum price. Maximum bloom. Investment in. Investment out.

Simple really.

All you need to do now is tell this story when you’re questioned on costs at your next valuation and ensure your ‘compost’ is enriched with the very best!

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